How Do Online Alcoholics Anonymous Virtual Meetings Work?

The path to sobriety is never one-size-fits-all. Whether you travel frequently for work, live in a remote area, or struggle with chronic pain that hinders your mobility, life’s demands can sometimes make it hard to attend in-person AA meetings regularly. Fortunately, online alcoholic anonymous meetings have become a powerful and convenient resource for individuals seeking ... Read more
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Feb 9, 2024

How to Deal With Weight Gain After Quitting Alcohol

Noticed that you’ve gained a couple of pounds since you started your sobriety journey? You’re not alone, as around 65% of the people recovering from alcohol dependence gain weight. People gain weight during recovery for many different reasons, ranging from the body regaining its metabolic balance that’s been altered by alcohol, to just simply reaching ... Read more
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Jan 17, 2024

What Does Sober Mean?

Are you struggling with addiction or maintaining sobriety? Perhaps you have a loved one whom you want to support in their recovery. Although you may feel isolated, rest assured that you’re not alone. Countless people around the world struggle with addiction and yearn to become sober. Achieving and maintaining sobriety can be an extremely challenging ... Read more
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Jul 20, 2023

Addiction Therapy: Types, What Happens & Where To Seek It

How we respond to addiction has dramatically evolved over the years. Historically, it was the fault of the addicted person and the discussion surrounding it carried a significant stigma. Over time, our attitude has shifted. Today, you are more likely to hear addiction discussed as an illness that needs treating the same way you would ... Read more
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Mar 9, 2023