How to Avoid Drinking After a Breakup


Key Takeaways

  • Seek support from trusted family and friends to shift your mood.
  • Speak to a professional therapist for help with coping mechanisms.
  • Care for your mind and body by eating healthily and exercising.
  • Focus on hobbies and passions to keep yourself busy and joyful.

Consuming alcohol can cloud your judgment and enhance strong feelings, which can lead you to dangerous situations, put your life at risk, or develop an unhealthy lifestyle.

It can also increase depressive symptoms over time.

Developing a drinking problem can also affect your relationship with loved ones.

If there are children involved, you can also negatively affect their well-being.

Ultimately, remember that no matter how much alcohol you consume, it won’t help your pain or grief.

It’s best to reflect on your emotions and learn how to move forward. It also applies to other forms of substance abuse.

If you don’t want to drink alcohol and prefer a healthier way of getting over your past relationship, explore these five tips to prevent you from consuming alcohol.

5 Ways to Avoid Drinking to Get Through a Breakup

Replace alcohol use with the following healthier methods and habits to help you better process and cope with your breakup.

1. Seek Support from Trusted People

Spending time with a trusted person from your family or friends can help you shift your mood, process your feelings, and connect to people who care about you.

If you live far from home, consider moving back for some time. You may also go out and socialize, especially if you crave social connection outside of your regular circles.

That said, you should always go to safe places and be with people you feel safe and comfortable with.

Ultimately, the key is to receive unconditional support from people who care.

2. Speak to a Professional

Although family and friends offer the best support, sometimes the situation requires seeing a counselor, therapist, or psychologist.

These professionals can help you acknowledge your feelings, address negative emotions, develop healthy coping mechanisms, and work on moving forward.

If you’re already drinking and have a difficult time staying sober, healthcare professionals can also provide appropriate treatment and medication to support your recovery.

Consider consulting with an online treatment platform, like Curednation, if you prefer the privacy of your home or don’t have a healthcare provider near you.

Remember that there’s no shame in seeking professional help because of breakups.

It’s an acceptable reason to seek help, and many therapists specialize in dealing with alcohol and breakup grief.

3. Care for Your Mind and Body

Breakups often cause a big change in someone’s lifestyle or routine, leading many to neglect their overall health.

To avoid using alcohol to cope, develop and maintain healthy habits that will care for your mental health and body.

Eat healthy by prioritizing fruits, vegetables, and unprocessed meat. When possible, cook your meals at home and avoid eating fast food.

Pair healthy meals with exercise. Walking is the simplest but most effective exercise.

Some of walking’s benefits include maintaining a healthy weight, losing body fat, improving cardiovascular fitness, and reducing stress.

Besides this, you should try to get at least seven hours of quality sleep at night to improve your mental state, think more clearly, and stay healthy overall.

Lastly, consider journaling to help process your emotions, filter negative thoughts, and find an outlet for any residual anger or resentment you might be feeling.

4. Do What You Love

Take this time to focus on doing things you love, like your hobbies or passions.

If you no longer practice an old hobby, consider picking it up again. You can also try new ones and explore fresh interests.

Ultimately, do things that will keep you busy and remind you of the joy of doing things on your own.

Consider volunteering, traveling, hiking, taking workshops, or getting in touch with your spirituality.

During this time, try not to get into a new relationship immediately and enjoy your own company before seeking someone else’s.

5. Set Goals

What do you want to do moving forward? Setting goals will prevent you from being lost, help you deal with the pain, and guide your healing process.

Some goals you can set include living a healthy lifestyle, moving up in your career, or learning something new.

You can also set goals for preventing or stopping your booze intake. If you’re prone to using alcohol, make it a goal to stay away even from non-alcoholic wine and drinks to avoid triggering cravings.

Overall, take this time to reflect on and plan for your future. If it feels overwhelming, remember you can take this in small steps, one day at a time.

Get the Right Advice and Guidance to Help You Get Better

If you find it challenging to let go of any substance use during a low time in your life, online addiction treatment platforms, like Curednation, can connect you to doctors and treatment services.

Book an appointment today to learn how we can help with your treatment and recovery in the comfort of your home.


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