Soberlink: An Advanced Alcohol Monitoring Device


Soberlink is a device used to measure blood alcohol. The cutting-edge technology allows people to test their alcohol levels wherever they may be.

The device is designed with safety measures that allow results to be used in legal contexts and addiction treatment where needed.

If you are looking for an alternative to traditional breathalyzers or other forms of alcohol testing, it may be helpful to learn about how Soberlink could help you. Read on to find out about:

  • What Soberlink is
  • How the technology works
  • Soberlink’s facial recognition and anti-tamper technology
  • How to use Soberlink
  • Soberlink’s accuracy
  • How Soberlink compares with other alcohol-testing devices.

Let’s get started.

What is Soberlink?

Soberlink is a portable FDA-cleared alcohol monitoring device. It works just like a breathalyzer does to detect alcohol.

The device is installed with facial recognition and monitors the blood alcohol levels of the person taking the test before sending it to an agreed party.

The device can be used in various contexts, including alcohol addiction treatment, child custody cases, probation, and more.

How Does Soberlink Work?

Soberlink is primarily a breathalyzer. It works by detecting the alcohol content in your blood after you blow into the device.

Soberlink can be linked to your smartphone and sends you scheduled reminders to test.

Once you take the test, it sends a notification of the result to a party you have chosen – alerting them of the test result as well as the time the test was taken.

There are various safety measures installed in Soberlink. These allow you to monitor your alcohol levels while ensuring the device is not being tampered with or the results falsified in any way.

The Technology Behind Soberlink

  • Facial Recognition: SoberLink has inbuilt facial recognition technology. This allows you to monitor your blood alcohol levels wherever you are, without supervision. It ensures that the identity of the person taking the test is really you, in a convenient, dignifying manner
  • Tamper Detection Technology: The SoberLink device is made with anti-tamper technology that can detect if the device is being tampered with. This makes it more reliable and permissble in legal contexts
  • Compressed Air Detection: Soberlink is made with technology that can detect if a breath sample is human. If a breath sample is flagged as inconsistent with human breath, such as when using compressed air, it will be reported to the specified contacts
  • Cutting Edge Fuel Cell: The fuel cell is the component in the breathalyzer that allows blood alcohol content to be measured. The fuel cell is the same technology used in law enforcement, so it has the ability to provide the most reliable readings possible.

Soberlink Features

1. Reminders

Soberlink is both Apple and Android compatible. You can set up the device in a way so that your phone sends you discreet, regular reminders so that you take your tests at the times you need to.

This allows you to never miss a reading, supporting you in both private and legal contexts.

2. Facial Recognition

Soberlink is equipped with the same facial recognition features as modern-day smartphones.

This allows you to verify your identity while taking your test. This provides to the people monitoring your blood alcohol levels peace of mind that the readings are in fact your own, while allowing you more privacy and flexibility in your day.

3. Reporting

The results from your Soberlink test are automatically sent to your phone and used to create clear and simple reports.

The generated reports can be used for legal or treatment purposes, such as court compliance or treatment progress documentation.

4. Geolocation and Time Stamps

The Soberlink system can record your location and the time of each test. This helps to confirm that the tests are conducted as required, giving you peace of mind.

How To Use Soberlink

Soberlink is relatively simple to use. The device must be charged, which usually needs to be done once every 1 to 2 weeks depending on the device.

The steps to using Soberlink are as follows:

  1. Register: You will need to create an account with Soberlink, which includes registering your personal information
  2. Set up a schedule: If you have a testing schedule agreed upon with a treatment program, court order, or personal preference, set this on your phone
  3. Test: Use facial recognition to verify your identity, and blow into the device. Soberlink will then send the results to your phone and any required third parties.

The Benefits Of Using Soberlink

1. Accountability

Using Soberlink allows you to stay accountable not only to yourself and loved ones but also to workplaces and authorities that may require it.

This means you can prove your commitment to sobriety to those who need it, without putting your life on hold to test.

2. Real-Time BAC Monitoring

Soberlink allows you to test and receive results in seconds. Soberlink also records timestamps so you can keep track of your blood alcohol throughout the day.

3. Peace of Mind

Soberlink allows users to prove their commitment to sobriety to themselves and others.

It helps people remain as adherent as possible to their treatment, even when they lead busy lives.

The scheduled reminders will mean that you can rest easy, knowing you will never forget to submit a test.

4. Discreet and Portable for Daily Use

The Soberlink device has various inbuilt features to help make the device as discreet as possible.

The device has an inbuilt Discretion Mode, where the display and indicators may be customized to appear less conspicuous. It can also help to remove certain notifications from your phone.

The device is also small (around the size of a smartphone or smaller), making it easy to pop into your bag when you head out.

5. Support

Soberlink can be integrated into a comprehensive addiction treatment or recovery plan.

Treatment professionals can use the data collected to tailor treatment strategies and provide ongoing support in your recovery.

It also allows family members to be involved in the monitoring process, offering emotional support and encouragement to individuals in recovery.

6. Convenience

Soberlink allows you to live your life as freely as possible. It allows you to test whenever and wherever you are while having safety measures in place to prove it is you who is taking the test.

How Accurate Is Soberlink?

Soberlink has incredible accuracy, making it court-admissible and usable in all 50 states.

It picks up on blood alcohol within the range of 0.000% – 0.400% BAC and has an accuracy level of +/- .005 BAC.

Can Soberlink Detect Any Alcohol Type?

Soberlink uses technology designed to detect ethanol, the organic compound that is present in all alcoholic beverages.

This means that it will pick up on any beer, wine, spirits, and other alcohol. It will also pick up on the alcohol that is present in other non-consumable liquids, such as rubbing alcohol.

Soberlink vs Other Monitoring Tools

Traditional Breathalyzers

Traditional breathalyzers work similarly to Soberlink but do not have the built-in features that set Soberlink apart from these devices.

For example, these breathalyzers do not have inbuilt facial recognition – which means that an authorized third party is usually required to administer the test.

Urine Analysis

Urine analysis is usually done in a controlled environment to prevent tampering or adulteration of the sample.

However, it has a longer detection period than Soberlink and can detect alcohol use 3 to 5 days after alcohol consumption.

So while Soberlink testing needs to be carried out more frequently than urine testing, it can be done wherever you are and in a dignified manner.

Continuous Alcohol Monitoring Devices

Continuous alcohol monitoring devices include devices such as bracelets that are equipped with sensors and which are placed on the skin.

These monitor the alcohol levels in a person’s sweat, and their setup can make them less discreet than devices such as Soberlink.

Should You Use Soberlink?

Soberlink is a great tool to use if you need to test your alcohol levels. The device helps you remain accountable to yourself and to loved ones, and is used in both addiction treatment and legal contexts.

If you need to regularly test your alcohol levels, talk to your family, lawyers, or treatment centers to see if this device could help you in your journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long can Soberlink detect alcohol?

Soberlink can detect alcohol use within a few hours. Therefore, the testing schedule is usually set at between 1-3 hours.

The time that alcohol can be detected depends on many factors, including how fast your body eliminates it and how much is consumed. It is also important to note that the device can detect extremely low blood alcohol levels.

Does Soberlink send a picture?

Soberlink does not usually send a picture. However, it does use facial recognition technology that verifies your identity. This does not take a physical photo.

Is Soberlink free?

Soberlink is not free. There are various pricing options based on your needs. For example, the Cellular Device model costs $499 when a yearly commitment is made.

Meanwhile, the Connect Device (which uses Bluetooth technology) costs $299 for an annual commitment. More pricing information can be found here.

Is Soberlink accurate?

Soberlink is incredibly accurate. It picks up on blood alcohol within the range of 0.000% – 0.400% BAC and has an accuracy level of +/- .005 BAC. This makes the results permissible both in court and private family settings.


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