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At Curednation, we offer telemedicine services so anybody can get the care they need.

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Additionally, if you don’t have insurance or prefer to pay out-of-pocket, we also offer the ability to self-pay.

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“It's Worth Starting Today.”

Curednation is a telemedicine provider specializing in opioid addiction treatment. In today’s health care landscape, it’s more important than ever to dismantle the idea that addiction is a personal failing or something to be ashamed of.

“This is a chronic disease. Not a personal choice and we treat it that way.”

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We know that addiction is a chronic disease rather than a personal choice, and we should treat it with the same dignity and respect as any other illness. A part of doing that requires us to reevaluate traditional practices of opioid addiction treatment. In doing so, Curednation is making room for approaches that give our patients more control and empowers them to WANT to do the work.

Our Team

Trent Carter
Trent Carter, FNP-BC, CARN-AP, is a dedicated nurse practitioner specializing in addiction medicine. Board-certified and backed by 10+ years of hands-on experience, Trent has been at the forefront of providing compassionate and evidence-based care to individuals battling addiction.

Driven by a passion to destigmatize addiction and offer tangible solutions, Trent champions a holistic approach to treatment, viewing each patient as a unique individual with distinct needs. This patient-centered philosophy has been the foundation of his practice, leading to many success stories and a reputation for excellence.

Educated at Texas Tech University and the University of Cincinnati, where he graduated with honors and is a continuous learner, Trent remains updated with the latest research and advancements in addiction medicine. This commitment to ongoing education ensures that his patients receive the most current and effective treatments available.

In addition to clinical practice, Trent advocates for community outreach, emphasizing the importance of awareness and early intervention in addiction prevention. He is a vocal advocate for addiction medicine and destigmatizing substance abuse. He also has many publications in various articles, driving home the message that recovery is possible and that support is always available.

Outside of work, Trent cherishes quality moments spent with family, creating memories and strengthening bonds. An avid advocate for a healthy lifestyle, he is passionate about regular exercise and the numerous benefits it brings, both mentally and physically. Travel is another source of joy for Trent; exploring diverse cultures, savoring new cuisines, and encountering different perspectives enriches his worldview. This love for exploration extends to personal development as well. Always on a quest for self-progression, Trent continuously seeks avenues to grow, improve, and better himself, embodying a life of perpetual learning and evolution.

For those seeking a compassionate and expert partner in their recovery journey, Trent stands as a beacon of hope and a testament to the transformative power of dedicated healthcare.

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If you or someone you know is struggling with opioid addiction, Curednation can help but we need your help. View our Careers to join us.

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A huge part of healing is having a disarming space to do it in, which is why we offer our services virtually. We know that not everyone is comfortable coming into a traditional treatment setting, which frequently prevents them from starting or sticking to it.
We find that people recover best when they have more control over their care and can easily access it without feeling judged or stigmatized as they navigate the process.

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If you’re ready to take the first step on your road to recovery, we’re here for you. Please book an appointment with us today, and let’s get you back to where you want to be.
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Curednation: A Safe Space For Recovery

If you’re ready to take the first step on your road to recovery, we’re here for you. Please book an appointment with us today, and let’s get you back to where you want to be.