How to Get Vivitrol Out of Your System


Vivitrol is an FDA-approved medication used in the treatment of alcohol dependence, as well as to help support sobriety for opioid addiction.

There are a few things you should be aware of before starting the medication, such as how to get Vivitrol out of your system when you need to.

In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know when it comes to flushing Vivitrol out of your system.

Read on to learn more about:

  1. An overview of what you need to know about Vivitrol
  2. How long Vivitrol stays in the body
  3. Factors affecting Vivitrol’s clearance from the body
  4. How to get Vivitrol out of your system
  5. If Vivitrol is reversible

Vivitrol: What You Need To Know

Vivitrol is a medication used as part of Medication Assisted Treatment to help treat opioid use disorders, as well as alcohol use disorder.

Vivitrol is the injectable form of oral Naltrexone. It belongs to a class of medications called opioid antagonists.

This means that it works by blocking opioid receptors. This stops the effects of opioids and helps prevent opioid relapse. It also helps to control opioid cravings.

Vivitrol also blocks the rewarding feelings/ effects of alcohol being consumed. This helps to reduce alcohol cravings during the treatment of alcohol dependence.

Vivitrol is a prescription-only medication, which is only prescribed to people with opioid dependence, alcoholism, or those who have undergone opioid detoxification and necessary medical tests.

Toensure the medication is right for you, a doctor may first prescribe you oral naltrexone, to ensure you do not experience allergic reactions, or any common side effects such as sudden opioid withdrawal symptoms before starting Vivitrol.

How Long Does Vivitrol Stay in The Body?

Vivitrol is the long-acting injectable form of Naltrexone. Unlike oral Naltrexone, the injectable form is designed to work for a long period of time.

The medication works for a month before it starts to get fully cleared from the body.

Vivitrol can last in your body for up to 50 days.

Most people will still have Naltrexone in their system after a month, however the levels will be low.

The rate at which Vivitrol is cleared from the body varies from person to person, depending on a variety of factors. This includes biological factors such as age and sex, as well as lifestyle factors and health status.

Other health factors include:


Vivitrol needs to be metabolized, before it is expelled from the body. Some people will have a naturally higher rate of metabolism.

While other people may have a slower metabolism, it will take longer for these people to expel Vivitrol.

Liver Function

Getting Vivitrol out of your system relies on your liver. People with liver damage, especially people with liver disease or liver failure, will find it more difficult to get rid of Vivitrol.

Body Mass

People who have a higher BMI, such as those who are overweight or obese usually metabolize medications, including Vivitrol more slowly.


Older people, especially those with other medical conditions such as liver or kidney disease, clear medication from their system more slowly than younger people.

Other Medications

Other medications you may be taking will slow the metabolism of Vivitrol. This may include some antibiotics, some antifungals, some HIV medications, and certain antidepressants.

This is because some medications can use the same systems in your body to get expelled, and use up the system that Vivitrol needs to be cleared.

Diet and Exercise

Lifestyle factors, including diet and exercise, cause the medications to last longer in your body. For example, grapefruit juice contains compounds that slow the metabolism of Vivitrol. While exercise likely increases the rate at which Vivitrol is cleared from the body.

How to Get Vivitrol Out of Your System

Whilst Vivitrol is a great medication for many people who suffer from opioid use disorder and alcohol dependence, it is not suitable for everyone.

Some people can suffer from allergic reactions, and common side effects such as muscle cramps, joint pain, and cold symptoms which may lead them to stop the medication.

Under normal circumstances, you will unfortunately have to wait it out. Your body will naturally clear out the medication.

If you are experiencing severe reactions or symptoms of opioid withdrawal it is important to talk to a medical professional who can help provide relief for these symptoms.

Is Vivitrol Reversible?

While it is very difficult and dangerous to reverse Vivitrol, it can be done under emergency situations, such as during surgery.

If you are experiencing opiate withdrawal symptoms or pain, there are usually other treatments that are recommended before reversing Vivitrol.

However, if there are no other options, medical professionals can reverse the effects of Vivitrol in hospital settings. There is a risk of opioid overdose with doing this, so it is only done in a few, serious situations.

It is important to know that you should never try to reverse Vivitrol yourself, especially by taking large amounts of opioids. This can result in opioid overdoses, such can be fatal.

Final Thoughts

Vivitrol are monthly injections which are used to help people with opioid and alcohol addiction. It works as an opioid antagonist, which helps support people’s sobriety.

The medication can last in your system for 30–50 days, depending on a number of factors.

While some side effects, such as sudden opioid withdrawal symptoms, injection site reactions, and muscle aches can occur, the effects of Vivitrol are not usually reversible.

People who experience these side effects are usually helped by being prescribed other medications to treat these symptoms.

In emergencies, Vivitrol may be reversed. However, this is dangerous and is only done in hospital settings, as a last resort, such as during surgery when strong pain management is needed.

If you have concerns about Vivitrol treatment, it is important to discuss them with a healthcare professional who can help you address any concerns.


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