12 Best Non-Alcoholic Wine Options to Try in 2024


Can’t imagine some meals without drinking wine, but you’ve recently gone alcohol-free?

Alcohol-free wines are a thing and they’re the perfect wine alternative for you if you don’t want to drink alcohol but still want to enjoy that taste of good wine.

You’d also be interested to know that you’ll find dealcoholized wines — whether red, white, or sparkling, just as exquisite and rich in flavor as the alcohol-based version.

In the list below, browse through to find the perfect nonalcoholic wine to serve at your dinner party or to enjoy at a solo self-love retreat.

Dealcoholized Reds for Easy Drinking

Red Wine is the most popular type of wine made from grapes of a dark-colored variety. Non-alcoholic (NA) red wines are an excellent pair for meat or fish-based dishes and enhance food flavors.

Hosting a party soon? Any of these NA red wine brands will wow you and your guests.

1. Ariel Cabernet Sauvignon

This bottle of wine delivers an excellent alcohol-free drink that makes a bold statement at your party. It is full-bodied with less than 0.5% ABV (Alcohol by Volume).

A glass of Ariel Cabernet is rich, releasing an outstanding combination of fruity notes like blackcurrants, juicy cherries, blackberry skin, sweet baking spice, and even milk chocolate. As you take a sip, you’ll notice a soft-palate finish stemming from the delicate tannins and slightly acidic undernotes.

This is far from a regular wine, it’s a classic tasty bottle that pairs well with seafood, meaty dishes, or yummy lentil stews.

2. FRE Merlot

A perfect bottle to take with you on picnics, FRE Merlot comes with a crisp but lighter taste than Ariel Cabernet. It is medium to full-bodied, with strong fruity flavors. Some of the fresh tastes you’ll enjoy with every sip include black plums, sweet cherries, and a wholesome sweet spice.

If you’re catering to a luxurious party with high-end tastes, a glass of wine from this bottle will likely put you in their best books. It has a velvety palate that makes good pairings with flavorful dishes such as mushrooms, red meats, vegan stews, cheeses, hamburgers, pizzas, and lamb chops.

It has an inviting ruby-garnet color that looks as good as it tastes. The Merlot grapes come from California’s marine-driven vineyards, where grapes enjoy the gift of maturing on the vine to their full flavor.

Its caloric content is 70kCal, less than half the calories in soda and traditional wines.

3. Gnista French Not Wine

Gnista French Not Red Wine has a highly scented nose that immediately reminds you of sweet, ripe, red berries, and ends on a delicious note of soft tannins and spices. In reality, it contains a variety of fruits, herbs, and dried spices. Prominent flavors include juice from grapes, sour cherry, and cranberry.

The wine is handcrafted in a perfect fermented brew of juices and spices, giving it a slightly complex and acidic taste that’s as close to red wine as possible.

It’s a perfect match for meals with additions like matured cheeses and jam. It also works excellently with meaty foods like duck and game.

Hosting an outdoor party in the spring? This French Red wine will make an exciting feature on your guests’ table.

For optimum enjoyment, serve this bottle slightly chilled at about 13 degrees Celsius.

4. Thomson & Scott Noughty Dealcoholized Rouge

Thomson & Scott is a sustainable brand focused on bringing delight to customers’ taste buds.

Their red wine, Noughty Dealcoholized Rouge, is a 100% Syrah grapes produce that contains less than 0.5%ABV.

The gentle production process of this wine ensures it retains the distinctive body, color, and flavor that makes it a suitable and almost irresistible alternative to luxe alcoholic wine. It opens on a ripe red fruit note, with hints of black pepper, dried rose petals, candied cherries, and French oak tannins in every sip.

A glass of Noughty’s wine contains only 14 calories, and 2.5g of sugar in every 100ml. If you’re also looking for a gluten-free bottle of non-alcoholic wine, choose this.

5. Proxies Red Clay

Proxies Red Clay is a versatile exquisite bottle of non-alcoholic wine that can fit in any environment — whether at a backyard grill party, or a luxury dinner table at a fancy party.

It has a warm lingering finish, though it starts on a juicy and captivating note. It’s a medium-bodied taste, tart, yet tannic, stemming from a unique brew of Pinot Noir, Cherry, Blackberry, Hops, Burdock, Ginger, Black Tea, and more.

Best meals to enjoy a Red Clay bottle with, include charcuterie cheese boards, roast duck, wild mushrooms, medium-rare burgers, etc.

White Wines for the Curious Palate

Want to try something new like Blanc NA wine, as it’s popularly called? These fine brews hit the mark on every occasion. White wines are delicate, unlike the bolder reds, and they offer a subtle palette that’s devoid of alcohol.

6. Luminara Alcohol-Removed Chardonnay

Luminara prides itself on being the first-ever exquisitely crafted alcohol-removed wine out of Napa Valley. It’s made from a unique selection of tropical fruits such as Fuji Apples and grapes. You’ll also smell a rich lemon creme aroma that makes the wine come alive in your mouth.

It’s a lively medium-weighted palate containing significant hints of fruits. Many customers attest that Luminara is the best alcohol-free alternative to Chardonnay.

Charcuterie and cheese boards make the best pairings for Luminara’s Chardonnay wine.

7. FRE Sauvignon Blanc Non-Alcoholic Wine

A sip of the FRE Blanc non-alcoholic wine instantly brings you memories of the green grass, and soft, tropical fruit aromas you find while walking through a vineyard. Its bright acidic notes simmer on the tongue nicely closely followed by the unique passion fruit and mango flavors that the California Sauvignon Blanc wine is well known for.

FRE Sauvignon Blanc is crafted from fine California wine, then undergoes a state-of-the-art spinning process that removes the alcohol from it. It contains less than 0.5% alcohol and half the calories you’ll find in regular wine.

The crisp taste of FRE Sauvignon Blanc is best paired with goat cheese, pesto chicken, or grilled fish.

8. Cruse Rosé Non-Alcoholic Wine

Not your typical white wine, this medium-bodied rosé excites your senses with a slight sweetness you won’t find in plain reds or whites.

This wine falls in between a mix of champagne and rosé. Just like its pinkish hue suggests, it tastes like strawberries and apples. It’s produced in France, the home of love and fine dining. With expert care and innovative technology, the alcohol in this wine is removed at the last stage of production.

Its alcohol content is about 0.5%, an insignificant amount for sober drinkers. You guessed right, this dealcoholized rosé is best paired with salty foods and snacks, spicy meals, and seafood.

9. Leitz Eins Zwei Zero Riesling

You must have guessed from its name that this is a German-produced wine, and you’re right.

Riesling light to medium-bodied white wine is one of the favorite bestsellers among industry professionals like Christy Frank, Laura Maniec, and others because of its top-tier taste.

It has delicious fruity notes of lime, citrus, green apples, and minerals. It has stayed on top of the most-loved non-alcoholic wine choices for over 15 years.

Experts describe it as a dry, crisp sparkler that gives off strong aromatic fragrances that remind you of white peach, white flowers, and salty sea spray. It’s not just great as a luxury table appearance, it also comes in cans for outdoor grill parties and picnics.

Because of the lightness of this wine, the manufacturer recommends pairing it with all types of meals.

Sparkling Wines for an Alcohol-Free Night

If you’re tired of the usual red ember and white grape juice wines, sparkling wines are another alternative for people who don’t want to drink alcohol. Check out these sparkling non-alcoholic wines with their exciting flavors:

10. Fre Sparkling Brut Non-Alcoholic Wine

Experience the balanced yet bubbly taste of FRE’s alcohol-removed sparkling wine for all occasions. Sparkling Brut delivers a uniquely fine blend of green apple, ripe pear, red apple, and strawberry.

Sourced from vineyards in California, the slowly-ripened grapes enhance the sparkling taste of the wine. FRE extracts the alcohol using careful traditional methods passed down from generations of winemakers all over the years.

For the best pairing, try creamy seafood pasta, fried chicken, cheeses and nuts, potato chips, sushi, and caviar.

11. Codorníu Zero Brut Alcohol-Free

Finely crafted from the white Airén grape, this sparkling wine shines with its pale yellow color and elegant bubbles. It has a fruity aroma of spicy notes, apples, fresh citrus, and tropical white flowers. It’s full-bodied with a strong taste, but also fresh and pleasant to the tongue.

Experts say it’s excellent for toasting, but that’s not all you can get from this wine. It serves well as an accompaniment to salads, vegetables, desserts, appetizers, and seafood.

12. Rondel Zero Cava Sparkling Non-Alcoholic Wine

Excellently produced in Spain, the third-largest wine-producing country in the world, the Rondel Zero Sparkling wine is a fine fruity blend you can’t resist.

Although it’s known to have a sharp bite to it, it has zesty notes of apple and citrus flavors, that make it bright and delightful to taste. It’s light-bodied, which means you can enjoy it with most meals. But, paired with fried fish, soft cheese, or roasted vegetables you’ll have a pleasant party in your mouth.

People also say it tastes great when used for mimosa mocktails — almost like real wine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There Alcohol in a Non-Alcoholic Wine?

The name suggests that there is no alcohol content in NA wines, but in reality, you may still find a small amount of alcohol in a nonalcoholic bottle of wine. Legally, NA wines can have between 0.05% to 0.5% ABV.

Is Non-Alcoholic Wine Safe for Sober Drinkers?

Non-alcoholic wine contains a small amount of alcohol which may be inconsequential to most people. But for people recovering from alcohol use, it may be a risky road to relapse. Consulting with a doctor before consuming any type of wine is highly advised.

What’s the Difference Between Dealcoholized Wine and Regular Wine?

The main difference between both types of wine is the alcohol content of both wines. Both wines may have the same taste, aroma, and production process, but different levels of alcohol. Alcoholic wines contain between 2% to 14% ABV or more, while dealcoholized wine contains below 0.5% ABV.

Wrapping Up

Dealcoholized wines are an exciting alternative to alcoholic wines. They embody the taste, aroma, and experience of the regular alcoholic versions of the wine, minus the alcohol. This makes it a great way to enjoy meals with your favorite wines as a recovering alcohol user.

The wines on this list are excellent choices for solo relaxation, easy drinking, or event hosting. If you’re on a mission to find the best wine alternatives on your addiction recovery journey, all the above are fine choices.

In addition to drinking alternative wine options, if you or someone you know needs help treating alcohol addiction, book an appointment with a Curednation clinician today to take the first steps toward addiction recovery.


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