The Best Sober Recovery Forums in 2024


Sober recovery forums are a great way to receive support and connect with like-minded people who are also on their journey to recovery.

These forums provide a platform for people to share their experiences, offer encouragement, and discuss various aspects of recovery.

In this article, we will discuss some of the best sober recovery forums, along with who they are best suited for.

Let’s get into it.


SoberRecovery is a comprehensive online community offering discussion forums on various topics related to addiction recovery.

The website has millions of posts, commenting on the challenges, reasons for change, and experiences of sobriety.

SoberRecovery has several forums including a starters forum, where people can receive encouragement from people who have been in the same situation.

They have forums for people struggling with alcoholism, along with other drug addictions such as marijuana, opioids, and tobacco.

The website also has forums designed for friends and family who are supporting a loved one in recovery such as the Friends and Family of Alcoholics forum.

Best for: Anyone looking for advice and support about addiction and recovery, or families looking for support.

2. Mumsnet

Mumsnet is a popular online parenting community and forum designed and used by parents and caregivers to connect, share advice, and discuss a wide range of topics related to parenting, including sober parenting.

There are numerous forums on this website, outlining the struggles of parenting whilst sober, and plenty of support from other families. Some of the forums include going sober and facing criticism.

The website also allows you to post anonymously.

Best for: Parents looking for advice and support regarding sobriety.

3. Talking Sober Forums (

Talking Sober is a website especially created for people to discuss their sobriety with other people who are in a similar place in their lives.

There are numerous online communities that discuss a range of addiction topics from alcoholic addiction, to binge eating disorders and sober achievements such as running.

Most people will agree that the forums on talking sober are nothing short of inspirational.

Forums such as Daily Gratitude, Sober Selfies and Small Victories all discuss the numerous positive aspects to sobriety, and there are countless responses of encouragement and praise for people’s achievements.

Best for: People who battle addictions with alcohol and other drugs (as well as eating disorders), or people looking for a positive influence and inspiration from other’s success.

4. Adfam Forums

Adfam Forums are anonymous forums where people can freely discuss the experience of those affected by someone else’s substance use.

This forum is not designed for people to talk about their own substance use, so is better suited to people who are supporting those going through sobriety or who have personally been affected and hurt by addiction.

Best for: Families, friends, and loved ones who have been hurt by someone else’s addiction.

5. GamCare Forum

GamCare is a UK-based organization that provides support and assistance for people affected by gambling-related issues. They offer a range of services including frequently used online forums.

The GamCare Forum is an online community where people share their experiences, seek advice, and find support for gambling-related issues.

Their forums provide a space for people affected by gambling issues, including problem gamblers, their friends, and family members to connect with others who may be going through similar challenges.

They have a number of forums, along with chat rooms to connect with similar people who are facing gambling addictions.

Best for: People who are struggling with gambling addictions, along with family members looking for support.

6. Reddit

Reddit – the original place for forums. Unsurprisingly to most Reddit users, there are numerous forums discussing sobriety.

One of the most popular forums on the site, r/stopdrinking is extremely active. This forum is used by many people who are both sober and considering a sober lifestyle to discuss their experiences.

In this forum, and plenty of others, there are posts discussing motivation, positive experiences with sobriety, as well as discussions around relapse and prevention.

Other smaller forums that are still equally as active include r/sobrietyandrecovery where people discuss their journeys, challenges, and daily affirmations to a sober lifestyle.

Bets for: Anyone looking for support, especially people wishing to remain anonymous or looking for a very large community.

7. My way Out

My Way Out is a website dedicated to helping people in addiction recovery. The forum focuses on various approaches to recovery, including medication-assisted treatment and harm reduction.

One of the most widely used forums on the websites is the Monthly Assistance forum, where people discuss updates on their monthly progress and offer support to one another.

Best for: People looking for encouragement and support, or sharing sober milestones with like-minded people.

8. Online Gamers Anonymous

Not all addictions come in one shape, or size. Gaming addictions are common addictions but are often less recognized than drug addictions.

For people who have an unhealthy relationship with gaming, online forums such as Online Gamers Anonymous serve as an important community that can help support people through their addictions.

The website has forums for people who are actively struggling with gaming addictions, parents with children who have an unhealthy relationship with video games, and working professionals.

All of these forums offer help and support from people who have struggled with similar issues in the past, along with experts in the field.

There are also weekly online meetings where people with addictions or loved ones who are trying to find information about gaming can come and meet.

Best for: People with unhealthy relationships with gaming, parents, or people looking for advice.

9. Women’s Aid

Women’s Aid primarily focuses on supporting women and children who have experienced domestic abuse.

They provide information, resources, and services to help individuals affected by domestic violence, including forums where women can discuss their needs and experiences.

There are different forums, including some that discuss substance abuse issues and how this has impacted them and their families.

These forums are particularly helpful for women seeking the advice of other women who have been in similar situations. It is also a great way for women to help other women and their families.

Best for: Women who have experienced domestic abuse and have been affected by substance abuse.

10. Mental Health Forum

Mental Health Forum has numerous sub-forums regarding addiction and how mental health matters have affected people’s substance use.

They allow people affected by substance use disorders to connect with others facing similar challenges. Members on the website share their experiences, offer support, and discuss various aspects of addiction and recovery.

In most of the forums, people share their personal stories of addiction, treatment, and recovery.

The most popular forums include forums about alcohol misuse, drug misuse including marijuana and opioid misuse, and smoking.

These forums often include not only stories but also users who share research and information they have obtained about these addictions.

Best for: People struggling with addiction who are looking for a diverse community of people to share their experiences with.

Final Thoughts

Sober recovery forums are a great tool for people who are on a journey to recovery to meet other people on the journey to sobriety – no matter how that may look like.

These forums, including platforms like SoberRecovery, Reddit’s StopDrinking, and Talking Sober, offer a space where users can share their experiences, seek guidance, and find encouragement in overcoming addiction and other substance abuse issues.

The diverse range of topics covered, from personal struggles to recovery strategies, reflects the collective strength of individuals united by the common goal of sober living.

The sense of camaraderie and understanding within these forums empowers members to navigate the challenges of sobriety together.

Ultimately, sober recovery forums provide useful digital communities that can help support individuals in their pursuit of a healthier, addiction-free lifestyle.


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