Suboxone Spit Trick: Should You Spit or Swallow?


Suboxone is an opioid addiction medication that’s designed to dissolve under your tongue. It’s one of the most effective medication-assisted treatment options for people suffering from opioid abuse, but it has one main problem: it leaves an unpleasant aftertaste.  

Most first-time Suboxone users wonder whether they should swallow the residue or do the Suboxone spit trick instead.

Let’s explore both options and discover the spit trick and how to do it correctly.

What Is The Suboxone Spit Trick?

The Suboxone spit trick is a simple way to ensure you get the most out of your Suboxone dose without soldiering through the aftertaste.

All you have to do is wait until Suboxone has completely dissolved, which usually takes up to 10 minutes. After that, spit out the residue, rinse, and spit again. 

This trick minimizes the chalky, sticky sensation you feel in your mouth after taking Suboxone. It also helps reduce some of the side effects that are caused by the residue, such as:

  • Migraines
  • Mood swings
  • Constipation
  • Low blood pressure

Suboxone and Oral Health

The Suboxone spit trick is also crucial for your oral health. Buprenorphine, one of the two active ingredients in Suboxone, can cause dry mouth (low levels of saliva) and dental problems.

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has warned that it can lead to tooth decay, oral infections, cavities, and loss of teeth depending on how long you’re on Suboxone.

In addition to the Suboxone spit trick, make sure to floss regularly, brush your teeth at least an hour after taking your dose, and get regular dental checkups.

How to Properly Take Suboxone

Suboxone treatment comes in two forms: a small tablet or a thin, rectangular film. Both are indicated for opioid use disorder and are absorbed sublingually, which means through the blood vessels beneath the tongue.

Regardless of dosage form, the first step when taking Suboxone is to drink some water. It’s not mandatory, but it helps moisten your mouth, which makes it easier for the Suboxone to dissolve.

Next, place the film or tablet under your tongue. Do not talk, eat, chew, or smoke as you wait for it to dissolve, as these activities can affect Suboxone’s efficacy and absorption.

For example, the nicotine found in vapes and cigarettes can cause your body to metabolize Suboxone faster, so it doesn’t last as long as it should in your body. This increases your risk of opioid withdrawal symptoms and cravings.

It should take about 5-15 minutes for the Suboxone to dissolve completely. If you’re still experiencing symptoms after taking Suboxone, your doctor will likely recommend subsequent doses every hour until the symptoms stop.

Important Tips

  • Make sure your hands are completely dry when handling the Suboxone strip
  • Hold the Suboxone sublingual film using two fingers by the outer edges
  • When using multiple doses of Suboxone film, place one film at a time under your tongue. Never let two films overlap.
  • Avoid placing Suboxone films inside your cheek instead of under your tongue.
  • Never spit out your medication before it has completely dissolved

How To Know If You Took Suboxone Correctly

Your doctor will only prescribe Suboxone films or tablets if you’re going through opioid withdrawal. In other words, you’ve likely checked into a rehab facility or joined an opioid addiction program because you’re experiencing unpleasant withdrawal symptoms.

One of the best ways to know if you’ve taken Suboxone correctly is to monitor the severity of these symptoms.

Suboxone takes about 20 to 60 minutes to reach its maximum effect. If an hour passes and your symptoms have gotten worse, you’ve probably taken it incorrectly. If your symptoms are still there but less severe, your Suboxone dose might be too low.

What Happens If You Swallow Suboxone?

The Suboxone film or pill is designed so that it should only be absorbed sublingually. If you swallow it instead of letting it dissolve, it won’t work as it should, meaning it won’t provide adequate relief from opioid withdrawal symptoms.

Only 10% of buprenorphine is usually absorbed through the stomach, assuming it isn’t destroyed by stomach acids.  

What If You Swallow The Residue?

It’s perfectly safe if you decide to swallow the residue instead of doing the Suboxone spit trick. However, there’s a slightly higher chance you might experience some side effects along with the bad aftertaste.

If you swallow it, wash it down with a beverage such as coffee or tea afterward.

Why Does Suboxone Taste So Bad?

Most active ingredients in Suboxone, like other medications, have a bitter, metallic, or chemical taste. You just never notice with other pills or tablets because they’re meant to be swallowed for the active ingredients to be released in your stomach or intestines.

Suboxone, however, is a sublingual film or tablet that has to be absorbed within your mouth to pass directly to your bloodstream without being chewed, swallowed, or digested. This means it stays in the mouth for a long time and releases the active ingredients right next to your taste buds.

Which Tastes Worse: Suboxone Film or Pills

While both forms contain the same ingredients, anecdotal reports show that Suboxone pills might have a slightly better taste than the strips.

Other Tips For Minimizing Suboxone Aftertaste

Here are a few other things besides the Suboxone spit trick that you can do:

  • Try using candy, mints, or chocolate to mask the aftertaste
  • Drink fruit juice, especially citrus juices, or sports drinks to change the acidity of your mouth and reduce the aftertaste.
  • Try spicy foods or hot candies, which can help distract the brain from the Suboxone taste.

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