What Is Brixadi? Uses, Side Effects, Costs & More [2024]


The opioid crisis continues to be a formidable challenge across the globe, affecting millions of individuals and their families. Amidst this dire need for effective treatment options, a new medication named Brixadi has emerged as a beacon of hope.

Approved by the FDA for adults struggling with moderate to severe opioid use disorder (OUD), Brixadi is pioneering a flexible approach to treatment that could significantly impact recovery journeys.

What is Brixadi?

Brixadi, containing the active ingredient buprenorphine, is a partial opioid agonist designed to treat OUD. What sets it apart is its formulation as an extended-release injection, offering both weekly and monthly dosing options.

Brixadi is the first of its kind, being the only long-acting buprenorphine injectable available with such dosing flexibility. Utilizing FluidCrystal® Injection Depot Technology, it ensures a consistent release of medication, offering a steady hand in the tumultuous journey of recovery.

This innovative delivery system marks a significant advancement in how we approach OUD treatment, emphasizing patient-centered care. This flexibility is a game-changer in addiction treatment, providing a tailored approach to meet individual patient needs.

Brixadi’s Mechanism of Action and Efficacy

Brixadi’s active ingredient, buprenorphine, operates by partially activating opioid receptors in the brain. This action helps alleviate cravings and withdrawal symptoms without producing the euphoric high that leads to addiction.

Clinical trials have demonstrated Brixadi’s efficacy, showing it to be non-inferior to sublingual buprenorphine/naloxone—a standard treatment—in maintaining opioid abstinence over 24 weeks.

But, Brixadi can’t be the only part of a treatment plan. Instead, it is used as a tool within the bigger picture and process.

Recognizing that OUD is not just a physical ailment but a complex condition affecting every aspect of an individual’s life, Brixadi is part of a comprehensive treatment plan. This plan includes essential components like counseling and psychosocial support, addressing the multifaceted needs of those in recovery.

Such a holistic approach is crucial for long-term success, providing the tools and support necessary to rebuild a life free from opioid dependence.

Safety, Side Effects, and Accessibility of Brixadi

With innovation comes responsibility; thus, Brixadi includes an FDA boxed warning regarding the risk of serious harm if injected intravenously.

It’s available through a Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy (REMS) program, ensuring controlled distribution and administration by healthcare professionals.

Side effects, such as injection site reactions and potential long-term issues like adrenal insufficiency and liver problems, are important considerations for patients and providers alike.

Currently, no generic version is available, which may impact its accessibility and cost.

The Impact Brixadi is Having on Opioid Use Disorder Treatment

The introduction of Brixadi into the landscape of OUD treatment options is a noteworthy advancement.

Its flexible dosing schedule not only accommodates the varied needs and lifestyles of patients but also reduces the stigma and logistical challenges associated with daily medication regimens.

In addition, by addressing both the physical and psychological aspects of addiction, Brixadi supports a more holistic recovery process. This dual approach is essential for addressing the underlying causes of addiction and fostering long-term recovery.

Brixadi is specifically designed for adults experiencing moderate to severe OUD. It is particularly beneficial for individuals who have found traditional treatments challenging or those seeking a more discreet and manageable treatment option.

By offering weekly and monthly injections, Brixadi provides an adaptable solution that can be tailored to the unique circumstances of each patient, enhancing the likelihood of treatment adherence and success.

The Road Ahead

As we continue to confront the opioid crisis, innovations like Brixadi offer hope and new possibilities for treatment and recovery. Its approval represents a significant step forward in the fight against OUD, providing a novel approach that prioritizes flexibility, efficacy, and comprehensive care.

For many individuals and families affected by opioid addiction, Brixadi may offer a new path toward healing and a future free from opioid dependence.

Brixadi’s arrival on the scene of addiction treatment is a promising development. By combining a flexible dosing regimen with a comprehensive treatment approach, it addresses the complex needs of those struggling with OUD.

As healthcare professionals and patients navigate the challenges of opioid addiction, Brixadi stands out as a valuable tool in the arsenal of treatment options, offering a blend of innovation, flexibility, and hope for a brighter, opioid-free future.


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