10+ Helpful Books on Alcohol Addiction [Road to Recovery]

Professional addiction treatment, support groups (like Alcoholics Anonymous), and self-care are some of the many factors that have helped people struggling with alcohol use disorder on their road to sobriety. While books are not the all-in-one cure for alcoholism, they serve as additional resources for self-care that can help you and your family members develop ... Read more
Feb 2, 2024

Addiction Therapy: Types, What Happens & Where To Seek It

How we respond to addiction has dramatically evolved over the years. Historically, it was the fault of the addicted person and the discussion surrounding it carried a significant stigma. Over time, our attitude has shifted. Today, you are more likely to hear addiction discussed as an illness that needs treating the same way you would ... Read more
Getting back to life
Mar 9, 2023

How To Help Someone With An Addiction: Simple Steps to Take

The challenge with addiction is that the disease doesn’t impact only the addict. Friends and family may have difficulties coping with the addict’s legal problems, financial problems, and uncouth behavior. They may also face numerous challenges in their daily struggles to support the victim. Are you struggling to help a friend or family member with ... Read more
Addiction Basics
Mar 9, 2023