The I Am Sober app is a popular tool used in the sobriety community, used to help track your recovery progress and stay accountable to yourself and to others.

In this guide, we will cover just how the app works, including giving you a rundown of the various features and how they may help you. If you are looking for a way to track your progress and monitor your goals, this guide is for you.

In this article, we will cover:

  • What the I Am Sober app is
  • How the app supports you in recovery
  • How to set up the I Am Sober App
  • Features in the app and how they can help you, including timing progress
  • How to connect with the online sobriety community
  • Benefits of the app

Let’s get into it.

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About The I Am Sober App

The I Am Sober app is an online app designed to support people on their journey to maintain sobriety.

The app offers various features and tools that are designed to help you stay accountable and motivated during your recovery process.

It has a number of features such as sober time tracking, goal tracking, and access to an online community of like-minded individuals.

App Features

  • Time tracking and visual representations
  • Community posting
  • Motivational quotes
  • Daily reminders
  • Tools to help manage your sobriety
  • Emotional support tools including managing triggers.

How Does The I Am Sober App Work?

The I Am Sober app acts just like any other app on your phone. It can be installed on both Apple and Android devices.

The app itself has many features that are specially designed to help people who struggle with addiction to maintain their recovery progress.

It provides a visual representation of their recovery in days, weeks, and months.

The app also offers a chance to connect with others who are on the journey of recovery and has many other useful tools such as goal tracking, identification of triggers, and daily motivational quotes.

Getting Started with the I Am Sober App

Downloading and Setting Up the App

Getting started with the I Am Sober App is relatively straightforward. The app can be downloaded either from the App Store or Google Play.

Once downloaded, you will then be prompted to make an account, which typically only takes a few minutes.

Creating a Personal Profile

Once you have installed the app, you will be asked to set up your sober date, which is the date from which you want to track your sobriety progress.

You can then personalize your profile by adding a profile photo and any other details you would like. This can help like-minded people connect with you!

Setting Recovery Goals

Once you have created your account, you can set specific sobriety goals within the app, such as the number of days you aim to remain sober or milestones you want to achieve.

The app will remind you of these, which will help keep you motivated and accountable.

Key Features of the I Am Sober App

Daily Sobriety Pledge

The app encourages you to set up a daily pledge to commit to staying sober for the day. This pledge is customizable, allowing you to add a personal message.

This daily reminder helps keep you on track and motivates your recovery.

Milestone Tracking and Celebrations

The app allows you to track your sober days and gives you a visual representation of your sobriety progress.

As you progress from days and weeks to months, your app will help you visualize and celebrate these achievements.

The app also allows you to set personal goals (such as the number of days sober) and notifies you when you reach these goals.

Motivational Quotes and Messages

Users of the app can connect with a supportive community of individuals who are also on a path to recovery.

This allows them to share their experience and offer encouragement or find motivation from others. When you post, your followers can comment on your posts and offer their support.

The app also provides daily motivational quotes that help inspire you and offers a pick-me-up when you are at a crossroads.

Tracking Progress

Daily Check-ins and Progress Reviews

The app will remind you to make a daily check-in and ask you to review your progress. This is a great way to visualize your commitment and keeps you motivated!

The Connect function also allows you to view your friend’s progress and helps to keep each other accountable.

Visual Representation of Sobriety Stats

It can be hard to see just how far you’ve come on your sobriety journey.

The I Am Sober app helps to celebrate all milestones, and the graphic representations allow you to easily track your progress. The graphs track periods from minutes to years.

The app also allows you to track various achievements at once, such as abstinence from multiple substances, for example.

Personalized Recovery Roadmap

The I Am Sober app offers a personalized recovery roadmap, where your personal goals and past achievements are shown.

It also contains a Sobriety Toolbox where you can add personalized tools to help with your sobriety. This may include relapse prevention plans, how to manage triggers, or emergency contacts.

Community and Support

Connecting with the Sober Community

The app has an interface called ‘Community’ which allows you to read posts from other users who are at similar stages in their recovery.

You can like and comment on people’s posts, or make your own. This allows you to offer support to others and receive their encouragement in return.

You can also connect with friends or loved ones to keep each other accountable.

Sharing Stories and Experiences

Part of the social aspect of the app allows you to share your own stories and experiences about sobriety and your journey.

It also allows you to read about the journey that has helped other people in the sober community. This is great to build a sense of solidarity and reminds you that you are not alone.

Benefits of Using the I Am Sober App

Encouraging Consistency and Accountability

The app has various features to help encourage consistency.

The daily tracker reminds you to track your progress every day, and adds your progress to your timer, for example.

Users of the app often find this motivating and are hesitant to have their time restart if they lapse.

Emotional Support through the Recovery Journey

The app provides various ways to emotionally support you through your addiction recovery progress.

For example, in the event of a relapse, the app provides a feature for reflection and analysis.

This helps users learn from the experience and identify emotional triggers or challenges that need attention. Meanwhile, engaging with the community feature allows users to offer and receive emotional support.

Positive Reinforcement and Reward System

The app allows you to set up goals and helps you celebrate when you reach your milestones, and the social aspect also helps your friends and family celebrate with you.

Research shows that positive, community reinforcement has a positive effect on abstinence time and can help you in your recovery.

Is I Am Sober Worth It?

The I Am Sober app is a great tool to use if you are in recovery. The app offers a free version which allows you to use some features in the app with no strings attached.

Many people in recovery find that visually seeing their progress is a strong motivator, and find the social aspect of the app extremely rewarding.

It’s also a great way to streamline the various aspects of other apps such as timetrackers, goal setting, and recovery tools all in one simple-to-find place.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the I Am Sober app used for?

The I Am Sober app is designed for people in recovery primarily to track their progress.

It helps to keep people motivated and offers various features such as tracking the progress of your friends, daily reminders, and personalized sobriety tools.

It can be used for a variety of addictions such as alcohol, drugs, or pornography.

How do I get the I Am Sober widget?

To get the widget on your home screen, simply touch and hold an empty space on your screen. A prompt will then appear. From there, tap the Widgets icon and locate the I Am Sober app widget to add it to your home screen.

What is the sober app called?

There are numerous sober apps available on both the App Store and Google Play Store. I am Sober is one of the highest-rated sobriety apps available! Simply Google “I Am Sober” in the search bar to find the app.

Is the I Am Sober app on Google Play?

Yes, the I Am Sober app is available to download on both the Google Play and the App Store. This means that it can be downloaded on both Android and Apple devices.

It can be found on Google Play here. There is a free version of the app available, with paid add-on features if you need them.

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