30+ Sober Podcasts To Keep You Entertained and Motivated


Are you on the lookout for a podcast to accompany you on your sober journey?

Podcasts can offer a wealth of invaluable information and guidance in your journey of recovery.

Whether you’re looking for a podcast that’s informative, a therapeutic listening experience, success stories, or just something to laugh along to, we’ve got you covered.

There are a ton of podcasts about sobriety out there, and here we’ve collected some of the very best! Keep reading to find out what’s on offer, and where you can listen.

30+ Sober Podcasts to Help Keep You On Track

1. That Sober Guy

That Sober Guy podcast is a podcast dedicated to helping men in particular become sober and stay sober.

This podcast is excellent for those wanting motivation and encouragement to find purpose in their lives free of alcohol.

2. The Sobriety Diaries

The Sobriety Diaries podcast is composed of personal stories of recovery from addiction from a variety of speakers.

If you’re looking to feel less alone and find motivation in others, this podcast is for you!

3. Sober Not Mature

Sober Not Mature podcast discusses various aspects of addiction recovery through a comedic lens.

It’s great if you’re looking for something lighthearted while still taking an in-depth look at sober life.

4. The One Day At A Time Recovery Podcast

The One Day At A Time Recovery podcast is focused on learning about addiction and sobriety from other’s recovery stories in the sober community.

This is an ideal podcast for you if you want to hear about how others found their escape from addiction.

5. The High Vibe Sobriety Podcast

The High Vibe Sobriety podcast is all about positivity!

Tune in if you’re looking for some feel-good vibes and guidance from a range of experts on recovery toward living your best life.

6. Sober Awkward

Sober Awkward podcast tells the tale of two hosts and their experiences drinking in the past, while now living sober.

This is another podcast that is sure to make you laugh, and great if you’re looking for something relatable.

7. Sobriety Uncensored

Sobriety Uncensored discusses a range of topics relevant to living a sober life, from how to maintain friendships in sobriety and how to cope with ‘rock bottom’ to how to navigate temptations on social media.

This podcast is accessible and informative with something for everyone.

8. Recovery Is Possible

Recovery Is Possible podcast is led by a qualified therapist, and delves into many serious topics associated with addiction and recovery.

This is a perfect podcast for those looking for informed recovery support and guidance.

9. BEYOND THE BOOZE – Christian Sobriety, Sobriety, Alcohol-Free Lifestyle, Quit Drinking, Sober Mind

Beyond the Booze is a story of faith-based recovery from a former alcohol addict.

Beyond the Booze offers guidance toward finding your own path to recovery, using faith as your ultimate source of inspiration.

10. The Sober Effect

The Sober Effect podcast is hosted by two women ex-drinkers who discuss a variety of topics surrounding drinking.

This podcast is for anyone who has ever questioned their relationship with alcohol and how much they drink.

11. Recovery Radio Podcast | Long-Term Sobriety in A.A.

Recovery Radio Podcast outlines a path to sobriety by working through the twelve steps to recovery of Alcoholics Anonymous.

This podcast will be of interest to anyone who is part of the AA community.

12. SoberSuccess Podcast

SoberSuccess podcast is exactly as it sounds – stories of a successful journey to sobriety.

This podcast offers a message of hope and aims to support those currently on a journey to sobriety.

13. Decidedly Dry – Sobriety, Alcohol-Free Living, Quit Drinking, Sober Curious

Decidedly Dry podcast looks at the positive aspects of living a sober life. This podcast shows how you can tackle even the biggest of life’s problems without alcohol.

14. Positive Sobriety Podcast

Positive Sobriety podcast focuses on being informative and educational, hosting a range of different experts to speak on a variety of sober-related topics. Positive Sobriety is for those keen to learn and evolve!

15. The Young, Fun and Sober Podcast

The Young, Fun, and Sober podcast talks about a range of issues you face when you become sober, such as dating, celebrations, and traveling. This podcast is especially great for a younger audience.

16. Sound, Sobriety and Success with Matt Pinfield

Matt Pinfield’s Sound, sobriety, and success podcast takes a look at the journey to sobriety in the context of the music industry.

A great choice for music lovers or those interested in the use of alcohol and drugs in this industry.

17. Emotional Sobriety: The Next Step In Recovery

Emotional Sobriety podcast is led by two qualified psychotherapists and discusses many psychological issues individuals may face on their path to sobriety.

This podcast is for those looking to uncover the psychological processes behind their consumption.

18. Sober Mom Life

Sober Mom Life podcast is all about the perspectives of recovering from alcohol abuse as a mom. Sober Mom Life is a sober girl’s guide to life, family, and mental wellness.

19. The Hello Someday Podcast For Sober Curious Women

The Hello Someday podcast is for those who may not necessarily be in the throes of addiction but are starting to question the amount they drink. This podcast will surely shed some light on your drinking habits.

20. Keep Coming Back: Real Stories of Sobriety & Recovery

Keep Coming Back podcast features a personal experience of addiction and recovery in every episode. Take a listen if you’re looking for motivation and inspiration.

21. 1000 Days Sober Podcast

1000 Days Sober podcast covers all topics related to sobriety and features a range of different special guests and their stories of recovery. There’s something in this one for everyone!

22. The Way Out | A Sobriety & Recovery Podcast

The Way Out podcast features a new guest every episode to share their personal story. Featuring a range of different styles and amazing people, this podcast is sure to inspire.

23. Sobriety University

Sobriety University podcast tells the story of one man’s road to living a sober life.

In this podcast, he encourages and supports you to do the same. If you’re looking for a podcast with a personal touch and sense of connection, give Sobriety University a try!

24. Seasons of Sobriety

Seasons of sobriety podcast is for those who have been sober for a period of time. It offers insights, honest conversations, and stories of life maintaining sobriety in the long term.

25. Devil’s Guide to Sobriety

Devil’s Guide to Sobriety podcast is a more raw podcast that deals with lesser-discussed issues in addiction and recovery.

If you want to hear both the positives and downsides of aiming for sobriety with candid conversations, give this one a listen.

26. LAF Life: Sober Curious & Alcohol-Free Conversations

LAF life podcast shares the lives of four friends who made the decision to live an alcohol-free life.

The podcast highlights the way society normalizes overconsumption of alcohol, often at the expense of people’s well-being.

27. Recovery Elevator

Recovery Elevator podcast aims to help listeners deal with a myriad of issues that may arise in alcohol abuse and becoming sober.

These include topics such as getting involved in recovery communities, and whether you can abuse alcohol without being an alcoholic.

28. All In | The Addicted Gambler’s Podcast

All In | The Addicted Gambler’s podcast discusses addiction in the context of gambling.

This podcast looks at how to recover from gambling addiction, how it affects others, and how to recognize whether you have a problem.

29. Sober Motivation: Sharing Sobriety Stories

Sober Motivation: Sharing Sobriety Stories podcast is all about sharing stories of those who have been through the recovery journey and their personal experience.

The purpose of this podcast is to inspire, motivate, and help listeners feel less alone.

30. gAy A: A Queer and Sober Podcast

gAy A: A Queer and Sober Podcast is a podcast for those in the queer community that are dealing with addiction and recovery!

The podcast encompasses a range of people from within the queer sober community to tell their stories of addiction.

31. 12oz of Sobriety

12oz of Sobriety podcast is for those just starting out on their journey to recovery and living a sober life.

The podcast provides helpful advice and guidance for people in recovery on how to navigate through sobriety with success.

32. Recovery (Sort Of) | The Podcast

Recovery (Sort Of) podcast looks at the path to sobriety through a spiritual lens.

Taking a twelve-step approach from AA, each week the podcast offers new stories and insights.

This podcast also expands beyond recovery from alcoholism to look at other mental health issues that are also often present!

33. Sobriety Checkpoint – Sobriety, Alcohol-Free Lifestyle, Addiction Recovery, Sober Life, Emotional Sobriety, Alcoholics Anonymous

Sobriety Checkpoint podcast is hosted by a qualified therapist and shares plentiful wisdom and advice on how to live well once you have obtained sobriety.

This podcast is for those who are in long-term recovery but who are still struggling to find happiness and fulfillment in their life.


As we’ve seen, there are a wealth of sober podcasts available that delve into the world of sobriety. Podcasts can be a great tool to add to your toolbox on your sobriety journey.

Whether you’re looking for something educational or inspirational, you’re bound to find something you love from this list.


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