How Do Online Alcoholics Anonymous Virtual Meetings Work?


The path to sobriety is never one-size-fits-all. Whether you travel frequently for work, live in a remote area, or struggle with chronic pain that hinders your mobility, life’s demands can sometimes make it hard to attend in-person AA meetings regularly.

Fortunately, online alcoholic anonymous meetings have become a powerful and convenient resource for individuals seeking recovery support that fits their lifestyle.

With just an internet connection and a few clicks, you can join a global recovery community and access confidential video meetings from the comfort and privacy of your home.

Read on to learn about the benefits of online AA meetings and how they work.

How Online Alcoholic Anonymous Meetings Work

Online AA meetings operate similarly to traditional in-person meetings, providing a safe and confidential space for individuals struggling with alcohol addiction to share their experiences, seek support, and work through the 12-step program.

The main difference is that participants connect virtually via video conferencing platforms, like WebEx, Zoom, or Google Meet, instead of gathering face-to-face in a physical location.

Similar to in-person gatherings, online alcoholic anonymous meetings begin with a serenity prayer, then a reading from the Big Book or other AA literature. Afterward, participants take turns introducing themselves.

From there, participants start sharing their stories, victories, and struggles, offering encouragement and advice to one another and engaging in discussions.

Note: AA meetings last about an hour and are typically led by a chairperson so that no one carries the burden of leading alone.

Virtual AA meetings sometimes feature speakers and opportunities for members to seek guidance from sponsors and more experienced individuals in recovery.

Key Benefits of Online AA Meetings

Here are a few ways in which online meetings are more convenient than in-person meetings:

High Accessibility and Availability

Virtual meetings offer a level of convenience that in-person gatherings cannot match, especially when it comes to accessibility:

  • Transportation: You don’t need to worry about finding rides or navigating public transit to attend your AA meetings. Simply log on from any location that has a reliable internet connection.
  • Physical Ability: Online AA meetings make participation possible for those managing injuries, disabilities, or mobility limitations that make commuting difficult.
  • Childcare: Parents and caregivers can engage in meetings and work on their recovery while attending to their responsibilities at home.
  • Geographical Isolation: People in rural areas or with limited local AA presence can tap into a global network of virtual options with just a few clicks.

Availability-wise, virtual meetings are available around the clock across different time zones. So it should be easy to find meetings that suit your schedule and offer the consistent support you need.

Global Support Network

In-person groups often suffer from a lack of diversity along the lines of race, socioeconomic status, age, and more because they’re bound by geographical constraints.

Online meetings, on the other hand, connect individuals in recovery from around the world, fostering a diverse and inclusive community that can provide unique perspectives and a higher quality of support.

There are also online meetings that cater to specialized demographics, shared circumstances, or niche discussion topics, allowing you to seek the most relevant fit.

Empowering Through Anonymity

For some, the anonymity of online spaces feels safer than being visible in physical group settings.

Many online meetings offer the flexibility of disabling cameras or using ambient backgrounds, granting participants control over their privacy and fostering an environment of psychological safety.

This technical privacy enables members to be vulnerable at their own comfort level.

Note: Some meetings allow voice masking tools if you’re not comfortable sharing in your real voice.

Customizable Experience

Not everyone requires or prefers the same settings to feel comfortable opening up.

Online, the ability to control the environment—sitting quietly in a private room vs. going for a walk outside—and join different meeting focuses—women-only meetings, LGBTQ+ groups, etc.—allows members to engage at an optimal comfort level.

The different multimedia options available, from chat and reactions to screen sharing, allow participants to stay connected and contribute to customizing the AA meeting experience based on their individual preferences.

Establishing Routine and Stability

A consistent meeting schedule plays a major role in maintaining sobriety. However, evenings aren’t always available due to work, family commitments, or not having the energy.

With online meetings available 24/7, it’s easier to build your commitment to recovery as part of your routine without rearranging your life’s logistics.

Building a Virtual Community

While physical presence provides implicit intimacy and a sense of kinship between participants, regularly attending virtual meetings allows equally meaningful relationships and a sense of shared accountability to develop over time.

Seeing the same members each day, sharing personal journeys, and engaging in constructive discussions instills a sense of community even if it’s done virtually.

Besides, in this digital age, many genuine friendships begin online. Some even blossom into occasional in-person meetups.

Potential Challenges of Online AA Meetings

While virtual AA meetings have helped people in recovery maintain their sobriety long after they stop drinking, they still present some unique challenges to be mindful of, including:

  • Loss of In-Person Connection: A key part of traditional AA meetings is the ability to hug others, make eye contact, and feel the warmth and support of the group. The virtual format cannot fully recreate that sense of intimacy and bonding.
  • Technological Barriers: Not all AA members are familiar/comfortable with video conferencing technology. Some may not even have a reliable internet connection or device to connect. Besides, when technological glitches inevitably happen, they disrupt the group’s flow and connection.
  • Security and Anonymity Concerns: Some members may have legitimate concerns about meetings being recorded or images/videos getting leaked, which may restrict them from sharing openly. This makes it hard for coordinators to create a judgment-free zone where people can talk about their struggles without worry.

How to Find the Right Online AA Meeting

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to find a meeting that suits your needs:

  1. Begin by exploring the listings on platforms like Online Intergroup Alcoholics Anonymous.
  2. Using the search function, look for meetings that fit your availability and are held in a convenient time zone.
  3. Consider recommendations from your sponsor, friends in recovery, or online AA communities.
  4. Since some meetings may have specific focuses, always check the meeting’s format before joining.
  5. Try as many meetings as you can until you find a group that resonates with you.

Note: Zoom seems to be the most popular video communications platform for online AA meetings. So make sure to familiarize yourself with how it works before joining a meeting. It also helps to familiarize yourself with related terms like “waiting room” and “meeting ID” for a seamless experience.

Online AA Etiquette and Guidelines

Online AA meetings are designed to be inclusive and welcoming, but you have to understand and adhere to basic etiquette and guidelines to ensure a productive environment for all participants.

These guidelines often include:

  • Mute your microphone when not speaking to minimize background noise.
  • Respect the anonymity of others by not recording or sharing personal information outside the meeting.
  • Follow the group’s specific rules—a common one is raising your hand to speak.
  • If you’re going to turn on your camera, be sure to dress appropriately—as you would for an in-person meeting.
  • Avoid multitasking or engaging in distracting activities while in a meeting.

Tips for Getting the Most out of Online Meetings

To fully reap the benefits of online AA meetings, consider the following tips and suggestions:

  • Designate a quiet, private area in your home exclusively for AA meetings. This will help minimize distractions and reinforce the meeting’s sanctity.
  • Don’t be a passive observer. Utilize chat functions, unmute your microphone when comfortable, and actively contribute to ongoing discussions to cultivate a sense of involvement.
  • Establishing rapport with regular attendees can help you build lasting bonds. These relationships, though virtual, can profoundly impact your recovery through mutual understanding.
  • AA’s principles extend far beyond online meetings. So you should consciously apply suggested practices, from step work to mindset adjustment, throughout your daily life.
  • Consider supplementing your online AA meetings with local in-person meetings when feasible. Blending the two makes for a larger, more holistic network of support.

Explore Online AA Alternatives Today

Whether you’re struggling to find local meetings or feel anxious about in-person gatherings, we can guide you step by step on your digital path toward lasting sobriety.

Reach out to Curednation to find an online AA meeting that suits your specific needs and learn how our network of healthcare professionals can further support your wellness goals through integrated telehealth treatment services.


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